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Updated: Jul 6

We are looking to expand our team at Whiteboard Law. As a virtual law firm that that was established in 2011 (we were one of the first virtual law firms in North America), we have the platform and the experience to help you grow your law practice.

To give you a sense of our backgrounds, the collective experience of our current lawyers outside of the formal law firm includes:

· senior executives (including CEO) at media, sports, fintech and technology companies,

· co-founder of a venture backed technology company,

· mentors to numerous entrepreneurs, and

· senior government role focused on technology initiatives.

Business in general is increasingly virtual especially in today’s uncertain environment. Our clients, even large corporate clients, rely on a growing, geographically dispersed, virtual workforce themselves. They like that we are lean, nimble and laser-focused on delivering highly sophisticated legal services.

Clients are often pleasantly surprised when their lawyer joins Whiteboard Law. A streamlined platform, easy access to expertise, the ability to be a bit more flexible on billing and the same high quality legal advice can help to strengthen the client relationship. We find that new lawyers are able to create more referrals from existing clients which helps to grow your practice.

While our virtual approach is helpful in reducing the significant overhead often associated with law firms, this is often secondary to the training we provide to encourage lawyers and their staff to approach the practise in a way that still respects the integrity of the large firm approach but that frees the lawyer to take a different approach. For example, we are very collaborative in working with other law firms in order to provide our clients with the expertise they need. We often represent clients in large $100M+ transactions but for those key skills that are needed as part of a team of lawyers, we encourage the team approach with other counsel. We are also able to show lawyers how to take steps to better utilize their time and approach to ensure they are able to generate higher personal income on lower revenue (just do the simple math on the overhead estimates).

So if you are up for the challenge of pursuing a change where you will be supported and encouraged to be part of a growing leading edge law firm, please contact us.


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