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Marta Davidson 

Senior Lawyer
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Business Law, Outsourced In-House Counsel Program, Corporate Finance, Private & Public Companies

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Marta Davidson - Senior Lawyer

Marta is a business lawyer with 15+ years of experience. My approach is simple and practical: what are your business objectives and how can I help you achieve them? Law is a tool that should be used to achieve your goals – not stand in your way. Lawyers shouldn't tell clients all the reasons why they "can't do" something. Rather, we should creatively problem solve and find an innovative solution to assist in accomplishing your business goals.

This starts with proper set up and structure of your business, evolves to managing and administering daily operations and routine transactions, and includes compliance and maintenance. Your ultimate goal may be to build a successful business and run it forever – or your end game may be to sell it and make a lucrative exit. Helping you through the legal issues along the way is my goal.

Understanding your business' needs, daily functions and operations starts with a solid lawyer-client relationship. I aim to understand the real needs of your business and build trust along the way. Advice given in a vacuum is less effective than advice given within proper context.

I am enthusiastic about working as your "outsourced in-house counsel" to public and private companies through our In-House General Counsel Program. I manage your legal needs so management can focus on operations. Through effective communication, I guide and direct your leadership team through current transactions and legal hurdles, administer ongoing legal matters and assist with future risk evaluation and mitigation.

Let's build a legal strategy to navigate complex issues, simply. My approach: practical, efficient, effective business law answers.

Services and experience include:

  • Business set up – incorporation, partnerships, extra-provincial registration, etc.

  • Preparing contracts and legal correspondences as needed. Oversee contract process from start to finish (preparation, negotiation and interpretation).

  • Advising on overall strategy and legal risk management.

  • Visualizing, writing and implementing policy & procedure manuals; overseeing compliance with same.

  • Attending at board meetings and working closely with executive teams.

  • Managing and administering your "external" counsel on ongoing matters; overseeing and directing external counsel on larger transactions.

  • Preparing and reviewing employment and consulting contracts.

  • Acting as Corporate Secretary.

  • Advising on corporate governance issues.

Please understand that contacting us does not create a solicitor-client relationship. Do not send any confidential information to us until we have agreed to act on your behalf. 

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