The Way We Do Things.

It is not that the traditional practice of law is necessarily broken… we simply thought there must be a better way to do it.

Firm founder, Jim Mutter wanted to create a firm that reflected a mix of his national firm experience and what he has learned as the CEO of two software companies, as well as allow him to leverage his network of CEOs, investors and the broader business community. He stripped down the traditional practice model, finely tuned it and bolstered the areas he knew would make the largest impact with clients.

Whiteboard Law Corporation is different because, as a firm, its approach to practicing law is different. We hold a very entrepreneurial view — we want the same things our clients want: flexibility, convenience and efficiency. There is more and more talk about ‘the virtual law firm model’. Larger law firms are growing accustomed to working with them, accounting firms are altering their models to include them and entrepreneurs are looking for someone ‘who gets the way we work’.

The few firms that have adopted this model all offer: a lower pricing model and greater access to senior professionals without pretension. We do too, BUT when deciding what we wanted to be to our clients, we also wanted to demonstrate that we can add value to what they are already doing.

Under our virtual firm model, our lawyers are able to provide services where our clients want them — whether working offsite and remotely or onsite alongside the client team. The model we have developed also provides us with the flexibility to structure our fee arrangement to meet our client’s needs.

How can we help?

  • We are capable
  • We have experience
  • We have connections
  • We offer experience and inside perspective

You already have a plan; how can we help you execute on it?

We don’t sell services, we offer solutions.

The direction we take with our clients is less about what we practice and more about how we practice. It all starts with a conversation.

We count some of the most experienced lawyers in British Columbia as part of our team, individuals who have decades of experience at some of the largest regional and national firms in Canada. We have worked with and continue to work with entrepreneurs who have had some of the largest exits in Canadian history, those who are just on the verge and those who have more dreams than product.

We are involved in the communities in which we live, sitting on Boards, attending events and speaking at conferences. We have deep Venture Capital connections both within Canada and in Silicon Valley. In addition, firm founder, Jim Mutter, spent a number of years both as President and a member of the British Columbia Premier’s Technology Council. He advised on a range of policies and topics to grow the technology sector and leverage the innovation within the Province for future growth. Our lawyers have experience as In-House and General Counsel for technology companies at all stages. We have leveraged that experience to offer our In-House Counsel Package.

We are different because we have done more than advise on business, we have run them.